The new war has begun – AI vs AI

The advancement of artificial intelligence promises comfort to us, but it us just one end of the stick. There will be artificial intelligence at the other end of the stick to negate this comfort. Very soon we will be deep in a ‘war zone’, in the era of AI vs AI. The availability of low cost computing and AI to do programming will make it possible for bad guys to launch sophisticated attacks on a grand scale while sipping coffee at their favourite coffee shop. Cyber-criminals will create fully autonomous, AI-based attacks that will operate completely independently, adapt, make decisions on their own and more. Security companies will counter this by developing and deploying AI-based defensive systems.  While the machines fight the war human beings will be the ones who will end up suffering.

The threats will evolve quickly and wreak havoc in our lives, endangering our personal privacy and the privacy of those around us.  To tackle these future problems governments need to intervene and prepare a contingency plan. Because one thing is for certain that information security will, and always will be, a reactive solution to all new emerging threats.




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